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Studies on Emu Oil


Despite the fact that it is oil, emu oil benefits us in so many ways. Emu oil has been shown in tests to be a non-pore-clogging substance. In a 2 week study of arthritis sufferers, 7 out of 12 emu oil users reported a significant reduction in pain, morning stiffness and swelling. A Boston University study found a 20% increase in growth activity of the skin in a two week study of mice. They also found an enhancement in growth activity of the hair follicles. Another study with elderly women showed in one month’s usage of emu oil daily, the skin wall thickened by 14%. By having thicker, healthier skin, the opportunity for bruising lessened. Age spots also tended to fade, and in some cases, completely disappeared.

An Australian study followed 500 people over a 10 year period and noted that there had never been any allergic reactions from emu oil reported. Other benefits from this study are summarized in three areas:


ü Eczema - reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin

ü Keloids - significantly reduces recent keloid scarring

ü Burns - appears to promote faster healing with less pain and scarring

ü Donor sites in skin grafting – reduced pain and less scarring

ü Psoriasis - limited benefit in some patients

Recent Wounds

ü Epithelialized wounds - reduced scar tissue formation, soothing of wounds after surgery by anti-inflammatory action.


ü Joint pain - reduced pain, swelling, and stiffness most evident where the Joint is close to the skin surface, such as hands, feet, knees, and elbows

ü Bruising and muscle pain - significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial. Significant reduction in sports related muscle strains post-exercise emu oil massage.

A nine month study of 10 burn patients at a burn center in Texas showed that patient comments almost unanimously favored emu oil as an end result and during application.

There was also a unanimous difference noted in photographs taken of the wounds as far as reduction in scarring and inflammation in control areas treated with emu oil. Many chiropractors and physical therapists are using emu oil in their practices. Relief is quicker and muscles stay relaxed longer, therefore treatments last longer.

Emu oil appears to be one of the undiscovered secrets of the modern world. As a natural ingredient that has enjoyed a treasured place among the ancient peoples of Australia for centuries, it has just begun to share its benefits to the industrialized world in the last decade. This natural remedy has already found a place in the international cosmetic marketplace and a research and marketing by companies who have identified its beneficial value are racing for the lead in a competitive marketplace.

A growing cache of testimonials, research data, and unmistakable benefits from the oil has led to an exploration of a myriad of commercial applications. It has invited the scrutiny of the medical profession, the scientific community and the health-conscious consumer to explore the health related aspects of the oil. It shows promising benefits as an organic additive in applications as diverse as medicine, food, and even industrial equipment. This natural substance offers the benefits of pain relief without the side effects of harsh drugs. No other oil offers the versatility of emu oil.

The Benefits of Emu Oil

Research had demonstrated that the emu possesses unique oil, which bears closer scrutiny as a valuable commodity in the marketplace that favors natural, environmentally friendly products and demands effective relief without side effects.

Properties Emu oil has been documented to exhibit the following properties and/or used for the following purposes:

ü  Anti-inflammatory activity

ü  Moisturizing

ü  Cholesterol reduction

ü  Penetration enhancer for topical skin products

ü  Significant epidermal proliferative activity

ü  Non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging)

ü  Significantly reduces recent keloid scarring

ü  To promote faster healing of burns with less pain and scaring

ü  Weight reduction

ü  Excellent emulsifier


Though the oil has been used in commercial applications for some time in Australia, the first emu oil products produced in the United States did not appear until 1992.